ELLASPEED is a company focused on the development of roller skates. The CEO of ELLASPEED, Merlin, is a roller skate enthusiast. He is 43 years old this year, but he has been in roller skate sports for 20 years. During this time, he tried Many roller skates even started to assemble roller skates and designed them independently, and the designed roller skates were very popular in the community. He began to design more roller skates and gave them to the community who likes his roller skates for free. Finally, someone suggested that he sell his roller skates online, so he started this journey.


What does ELLASPEED provide?

A rainbow series of roller skates will be started in 2020, and some protective gear will be introduced later. For the new series, we are in preparation, and I believe it will be presented to everyone in the near future.


Development path

ELLASPEED has always focused on the American market. Because in the United States, Merlin has seen a lot of people who love roller skates, and he wants to know whether his roller skates are popular in the United States, so he began to develop the roller skate brand in the United States, and now he continues to, Rapid development, now has a team of nearly 50 people, responsible for sales, after-sales, and design and production positions. ELLASPEED will provide warranty services for products and customers, and be responsible for each pair of roller skates. Because Merlin believes that the love of roller skates must be equal to the love of customers in order to lay the foundation for the future success of ELLASPEED.


Our mission

The CEO of ELLASPEED, Merlin is always looking for more suitable, better quality and lighter roller skates, and in order to make everyone accept and love the roller skates, the price is also within a reasonable range, and the normal operation of the team is guaranteed. , Put all the energy in the roller skate design, we are a team that loves roller skates.